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Insignio Consulting provides integration services for a major third-party service provider.

A project management software company was integrating their product with the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and Project Systems (PS) modules of a large domestic energy company. Insignio Consulting helped bridge the gap between these two companies in order to maximize the potential of this best of breed solution architecture. The project management software company lacked the expertise in the SAP software to effectively integrate their tool with the SAP system of the energy company. They purchased a third party transformation tool which renders SAP BAPI outputs as HTML but they required SAP product knowledge in order to truly integrate their product with the SAP PM and PS modules.

Insignio consulting resources provided key functional and technical expertise to the project management software integration team to both explain and demonstrate the existing SAP functionality. The full suite of the existing SAP Plant Maintenance BAPIs was explained and demonstrated. This also included all existing OSS Notes required for successful implementation of the BAPIs.

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